MAP-it. A participatory mapping toolkit.


MAP-it is a tool for participatory cartography and conversation. It is an open and extendible set of stickers that allows a group of people to make their thoughts explicit about a project, idea, ... in the form of a map. The visual character of mapping allows participants from different backgrounds, who may speak different languages, to discuss and create on equal grounds. MAP-it not only encourages to share positive experiences, but also stimulates critique and debate. This publication will provide the reader with an insight in the tool and the broader field of mapping and methods in participatory design, as well as offer a practical guide and a kit to organise a MAP-it session. People can download and contribute to MAP-it at

Authors: Katrien Dreessen, Liesbeth Huybrechts, Thomas Laureyssens, Selina Schepers, Sabina Baciu
Book, 64 pages with an additional hands-on toolkit including maps and stickers.
ISBN: 9789033486005
Available online at Acco: 25€ + shipping.

Part 2 of the book, the MAP-it Manual is available for download below. It allows you to develop and moderate MAP-it workshops. It's distributed under a Creative Commons non-commercial share alike license.

This publication is the result of a 3 year artistic research study, supported by OPAK (LUCA school of arts | KU Leuven)
MAP-it is a project of Social Spaces at the MAD-faculty

MAP-it Manual.pdf (12.15 MB)