Social Swing

location: brussels

Swing gently and a sound is heard. A change of direction shifts sounds. Communicate with other swingers. In this way, the Social Swing more than just a playground. Explore a playful musical harmonies and disharmonies through synchronous and asynchronous movements in-group.

Social Swing is a 13-meter by 13-meter structure consisting of four swings with a thrilling 360-degree movement, each equipped by sensors and a speakers. The movement of the swings generates an immersive ambient sound layer that evokes memories. Each swing generates a distinct set of sounds, and moreover playful hidden sound layers can be discovered when players swing in similar directions.

Sound design: Firma 103
Production: MAD-faculty and Vormingplus Citizenne - CLIP. Co-production: Festival Kanal
Swing calculations: Kiran Gangadharan
Photos: Marie Garcia Bardon
Concept: Thomas Laureyssens