The Sparrows of Hasselt

location: hasselt
The Sparrows of Hasselt is a social urban game around ten interactive Sparrows which light up when you whistle in the vicinity. This project builds upon our previous urban game ZWERM, but features completely re-designed Sparrows and a more responsive game website. Instead of stimulating two neighbourhoods to compete, such as in ZWERM, this game puts the Hosts of the Sparrows (the inhabitants of the house the Sparrows are attached to – in Dutch "Musseniers") in the spotlight. It's these individuals that have the task to promote their Sparrow, such as by using social media, organising events around it or adding visual cues. The game website stimulates this by allowing the Hosts to write messages, change the name of the Sparrow and choosing a color in which the Sparrow lights up. Some more information, in Dutch, on our website and Facebook page.